There is an odd truce in my house now. Weary. J and I skulk around, smiling and talking, but not really saying anything to each other. It rained hard here last night, courtesy of Tropical Storm Cindi. We lay in bed, in the dark listening to the raindrops, but the storm stopped before we fell asleep and the silence was almost as deafening. I might have said something about it, when J piped up ” Do you want me to make soothing ocean noises?” Thats pretty funny and curuiosity got the best of me and I said “Sure”

He started going “Whoooooooosh” “anh ,anh” and then “Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” really loud trying to imitate the gulls and that was the funniest thing ,I have heard/experienced lately. Layla got super freaked out and he kept doing that till I begged him to stop.

After that we couldn’t fall asleep ,cuz one of us would say “ocean” and we’d start cracking up like crazy. I don’t know if this means we are lunatics, or we miss laughing together.

He did hog the covers all night and I was super cold. He did call me, to make sure I’d made it to NG’s in the middle of the storm.

I guess these are the sum of parts.

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