Today, just for a split second , I felt like I see Bush’s POV and maybe he is right in his bible thumping good vs evil analogy and that scares me. Reading about the london bombings today made me feel sick to my stomach. Why should all these innocent people die unnecessarily? What have they done thats wrong. Overall its just a bunch of normal people trying to go to work and live their lives to the best of their ability , only to be pawns in a ideological war that they don’t understand. Its hard to be objective, when you feel like you are trying to do the right thing i.e not supporting an evil, imperialist govt, but your life and your loved one’s lives maybe in danger anytime. In a weird way, this is more depressing to me than Sep 11 on some levels. 9/11 was horrifying and shocking, London is just making me weary. When will this stop. Is this the world we have inherited and we the one we will pass on. I can only focus on pessimism and death today, but sometimes it seems like thats the only thing thats real.

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