Friends, Life

4th of July!

Friday: Will wait for Internet installation, might go with RS to Wimpys and get me some biscuits. J is out cuz he gets a free lunch! Mooch 🙂

Saturday: Eddie from Ohio at the Eno River Festival; also just hanging out and doing kid crafts. I love doing crafts at fairs and festivals,expecially the super easy ones. And now that I have a bare apt, it will be nice to have random shit

Sunday: J and I are going on a date to see Batman Begins and eat some Food Court lunch. I think we are trying to relieve Junior High dating days.

Monday: Maybe see fireworks at th Durham Bull’s stadium, but I have never paid for 4th of July fireworks before, so I don’t know how I feel about that. Maybe we can find another spot in Durham county thats free. I’m sure beer will be involved.

I think Beer is the official drink of the USA. This is my realization about this country on yet another Independence Day.

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