Top 10 toys….

Or glimpses into my geeky childhood…..

1) Barbie : Cliched, I know, but I loved my Tropical Barbie, sweetheart barbie and great date Ken. Their’s was an eternal love triangle , with great clothes. No other drama will ever come close.
2) Legos: Bright colors and stackable, nothing makes a kid happier
3) Doctor: Technically not a toy, but I did have a fake stethescope(sp?) and some other medical type stuff and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t played doctor.
4) Memory Game : It was this matching cards, board game I had and I kicked ass at it.
5) Kitchen Sets: The reason I can sorta cook now. My full set of dishes were pale green plastic, Martha Stewart would have been proud. My pots and pans and stove , etc were nicer than the ones I own now 🙂
6) Books : Books were great to play shop with, I would arrange and rearrange them to play Book store, and library and teacher. I think I mostly just like organizing them by Category, height, alphabetical etc.
7) Badminton Set:This was for when I was a little bit older and I would get to play with the older kids, I sucked, but my badminton set rocked. That is also how I found out that a cock does not mean a rooster
8) Mr. Bunny: My favorite toy from when I was a baby. It was big and brown, with big fake bulging glass eyes and little overalls and big floppy ears. He was a sweetie, but in the Barbie games, he was always Sweetheart Barbie’s Dad or Boss
9) Mini Tent : It was a pop up and I could set it up wherever I wanted and make a little house for myself.
10) Mud/Dirt: It makes you dirty, pisses your mom off and is ver versatile, can be dinner, can be weapons, can be whatever you want it to be.

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