Title : Lost Woman SongArtist : Ani DifrancoAlbum : Like I Said———————————————————————————for lucille cliftonI opened a bank accountwhen I was nine years oldI closed it when I was eighteenI gave them every penny that I’d savedand they gave my bloodand my urinea numbernow I’m sitting in this waiting roomplaying with the toysand I am here to exercisemy freedom of choiceI passed their handheld signswent through their picket linesthey gathered when they saw me comingthey shouted when they saw me crossI said why don’t you go homejust leave me aloneI’m just another woman lostyou are like fish in the waterwho don’t know that they are wetas far as I can tellthe world isn’t perfect yethis bored eyes were obsceneon his denim thighs a magazineI wish he’d never come here with mein fact I wish he’d never come near meI wish his shoulderwasn’t touching mineI am growing olderwaiting in this linesome of lifes best lessonsare learned at the worst timesunder the fierce flourescentshe offered her hand for me to holdshe offered stability and calmand I was crushing her palmthrough the pinch pull wincingmy smile unconvincingon that sterile battlefield that seesonly casualtiesnever herosmy heart hit absolute zeroLucille, your voice still sounds in memine was a relatively easy tragedynow the profile of our countrylooks a little less hard nosedbut that picket line persistedand that clinic’s since been closedthey keep pounding their fists on realityhoping it will breakbut I don’t think there’s a one of usleads a life free of mistakes

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