Friends, Life

And another winner….

Unless it turns out that this would need to be a Layla free weekend, I think J and I are committed to camping. We don’t the people very well, but I just want to get away from everything, be a tourist, take silly pics of friends and puppy and mountains, eat good food and come home drama free!

Plenty of drama on ANTM last night though, with a runway walk off and live commercial. Naima won! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I would have been pretty happy if Kahlen had won too, but Naima just seemed really special, not boring and as L says “didn’t say anything too annoying”. I hope she has a great career.

Tyra has managed to keep me for one more season! Go Miss Tyra. I think Janice needs her own reality show. I know she will be on next season’s Surreal life, but I think they should just give her a cooler/bitchier version of ANTM. Sigh….wishful thinking.

Hopefully apprentice finale will be decent. Haven’t really watched in a couple ofweeks. So don’t really care, who gets hired.

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