….And we have a winner!!!!

So I actually won something today! Going to the stupid networking thing definitely paid off! I won two tickets to the Durham Bulls game next Tuesday. Do I like baseball? No, but its free and its summer and I think it will be fun to go with J and get hotdogs and beer! A real old fashioned Date. He said he likes going with a big group and that is always fun, but I think it might be okay!!!

We might go camping in Boone this weekend. I haven’t been to the mountains in NC yet and its going to be 3-4 more people and it could be a good way to explore the area, since these people have connections. I think camping with a big group is not what i usually like to do , but if someone else is planning it, I am definitely up for the ride.

I think KD and I have definitely hit upon a great idea for our blogs. Here’s to many more Simulposts!!!!!

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