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Top 10 personal issues

Weekend was mostly uneventful. Blah….I am getting too old for drama….I am going to steal KD’s idea from her site and do a top 10 issues of my life. For those who know us will see the similarites in the list and know why exactly we are friends

1) Time Management. When I am busy , I get everything done, when I am not busy, i procratinate like its a sport
2) Needy friends, boyfriends, parents, co-workers, people in general. I cannot be as involved in other people’s love/personal lives like I used to be. I only share my drama with 3 people max and expect other people to do the same and hopefully not have me as one of them.
3)Avoiding Conflict/Confrontation. I need to just tell people to leave me alone when I don’t want to do something, instead of feeling overwhelmed and guilty when i don’t go along with a plan or feeling resentful when I do
4) Body Insecurities. I know everyone has them, so I just need to get over it
5) Being Flirty. Should flirt if I want to and I should give people the boot if I want to and not worry what anyone thinks about my social skills
6) Being “bossed” around. I know what I want and i know why i want it, if i don’t, its still my life. I am tired of people I ‘ve allowed in my life-friends, family and b.f all need to stop telling me what to do , when I haven’t for an opinion.
7) Being overly analytical. I am getting better at this though!
8) Being more creative in my fashion choices. I am pretty darn good, but i can be better
9) Going to the gym. Must be more committed
10) Eating better and taking care of my health. i really don’t do this at all, because I am lazy and eat junk food and I avoid check ups, cuz I am deathly afraid of doctors. If i die at 30 no one will be surprised

Whew….that feels really good!!! Okay so maybe KD’s and mine are not that similar but its still obvious why we are friends…atleast to me anyway(insert cute “awwww” here )

Maybe this top 10 thing can be a weekly thing. Will ask her about it.

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