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Top 10 favorite things about summer

KD and Girliegirl Simulpost

1) Coronas with Lime and BBQ. They are good in the winter too, but summer makes them special! Margaritas on the rocks are pretty close too
2) 4th of July BBQs with fireworks, or general BBQs. Watching fireworks in sugarhouse park and going to a party afterwards. Also Pioneer Day fireworks in Tremonton Utah.
3) Hanging around at play grounds. Brings back childhood memories. Especially fun to hang out late evening/night times. Always leads to good discussion and some “major” event
4) Cucumber Sandwiches. I know this is an odd one, but my mom would make these sandwiches with white bread , butter , cucumber, salt and pepper and they were nice and cool in teh summer
5) Riding in the car with KD , with her radio blaring anything from Rock, pop to oldies. Especially when she had Michelle’s tracker.
6)White Tank tops. With jeans, skirts, etc. Its the ultimate summer shirt, makes me feel very alive
7) Hiking to these waterfalls in the canyons, we used to do it atleast once every summer,and then we would make yummy tin foil dinners after the hike…..yummm… and I guess it could also be hiking in general
8) Being out in a boat on a lake. I am specifically recalling last summer, when we went to the lake with some of J’s old roommates and just water skiied, tubed and wakeboarded. Also, other watersports aka…river rafting. J and I went with his last lab the last two years and it was really fun.
9) Going to Amusement Parks. Especially ones with a water park too. Fake Rafting in chlorinated water is the best. Also scary rides!
10) Road Trips and Family Vacays.

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