On ANTM…..

Since they let Brittany go, I am starting to lose interest in this show real fast. I will watch the season finale this week! But my interest for next season is already waning and a lot of people i have talked to have said the same.

You better shape up your show miss tyra or you will be losing a lot of your viewers!

I think they kept Keenyah, so that there is no “real ” competition in the last episode, we all know, that because of her weight she won’t be the top 2. I don’t even really care anymore whether Naima or Kahlen wins, cuz I’m just disillusioned with the show.

I saw Eva’s pic on the cover of a magazine called Kings , which is a second tier FHM/Maxim and the next top model should atleast get a Maxim cover if she is going to explore those options. I wonder if Eva even got any runway offers, since she is so short. That will be true of Kahlen and Naima as well.

Please Tyra, make this a real competition again!

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