Survival of the nicest?

Last night we watched Hotel Rwanda. It was very moving and shaming at the same time. In fact at one point the main character even says “We must shame them into helping us”. We = Rwandans, and them= the west, UN, etc.
But the beauty of stories like Hotel Rwanda and Schindlers list is the fact , that inspite of horrors of war and mayhem, they are life affirming stories.

I like to believe that if these are the stories we continue to tell and remember and these are the stories are kids hear more than stories of glorified violence, hatred etc, we will be creating a kinder, gentler society. We will pass on the messages of peace and kindness as a desirable trait. This makes me incredibly optimistic , that even if it takes another century or even longer, we are on the way to swinging the pendulum in favor of peace.

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