Yaaaaay!!! Michelle went home. I guess i do feel a little bad, since the last coupld of episodes. But seriously she is scary and weird and like Janice said in the last episode- “Who would book Michelle for a shoot?”

Anyway this week, the girls practice posing from animals and then go to South Africa for their foreign location. Everyone makes fun of Keenyah for getting chubbier, but she seems to take it in stride and even refers to Yoanna’s weight issues. The girls go on a little safari ride and then the next day they have their photo shoot for Lubriderm. At this point, I’ve decided I can’t really do recaps of the episodes and I am really more interested in the pros and cons of the five girls, so I’ll just write about those instead.

Kahlen: She’s #1 , She’s #1 , She’s #1 !!!! Kahlen is just kicking so much ass!!! She looks gorgeous in every photo shoot and seems to always be in “character”. Especiallly after last weeks episode, she has become a much stronger contender. My only criticism of Kahlen is that she needs to step up her appearance in person. She looks very unglamorous and that might hurt her in the future. I think all the judges love her and she is definite for the final three unless something drastic happens

Naima: Naima still kicks ass. She really is too cool to even be on the show! I hope even if she doesn’t win, she gets tons of modelling contracts! She is so laid back and nice. I love her style too, its different from typical girly girl stuff. I can’t believe Tyra said she forgot about Naima! Hello, she has only been voted CG of the week 7-8 times! Obviously people who she is selling products to seem to remember her. But I do agree with the judges , everytime I see Naima’s pics, they look really cool and I always think that she could do a lot better and kick everyone’s ass

Brittany: Brittany is my girl! She was really funny this episode and her picture was amazing. I think she will get a lot of offers after this show even if she is eliminated by some snafu next week. She knows she is going to make it regardless. I think she should be in the top 3 and she definitely has a good chance of winning. But the fact that she doesn’t need this show might work against her cuz I think the judges know thab Brittany can open doors for herself.

Keenyah: I hate to see her go! But I really feel her days are numbered. But Tyra and the producers can actually use her weight/weightloss and make a good story arc for it, even though they already had done that with Yoanna. I think most of audience would lap it up, cuz we always like to see girls who struggle with their weight win, cuz we all struggle with our weight. It was good for Tyra to admit that its a shallow industry and maybe she ‘ll stop with the plus size model thing and actually pick girls with the right body type’s to begin with instead of humiliating them on the show. However it looked like Keenyah’s weight gain was her own fault.

Christina: I guess there is some benefits to being utterly forgettable. The judges forget to eliminate you. I think even Christina realizes she doesn’t have a shot at this point cuz there’s only 4 more weeks left and her pics are barely starting to improve and she is called the ice queen. My vote is that she is gone next week. She is nice and pretty but just not that interesting. SHe is more forgettable than Naima

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