1/2 ANTM

I didn’t really watch the full episode of ANTM last night, so I’m only going to do my little list.

1) Kahlen: She deserves to be #1, even after her personal tragedy, she managed to take a really cool pic. Her make up and hair looked good too and she looked like a vampire queen from one of Anne Rice’s novels. Thats a good thing btw.

2) Naima: Naima definitely stepped it up and went the opposite direction from Kahlen, where her Envy was very subtle. Her final pic was awesome and looked like it could be in Elle Italy or something

3) Brittany: She rocked the photo shoot! Sloth would be a hard sin to portray and even the photographer had nice things to say about her

4) Christina: I am happy that she won a challenge and it looks like she is trying hard. But I am really bored with her, I forget half the time she is even on the show

5) Keenyah: Her photo sucked! But I don’t think it was all her fault. Her sin was super unsexy and the wardrobe and make up people made her look awful. I mean she didn’t ask to look kitchy

6) Michelle: I will just quote Jay Manuel ” I have seen Drag queens softer than her”

7) Tatiana: Eliminated. I felt bad for her , I liked her okay and she did take good pics. I don’t think it will be too hard for her to find modeling gigs. She is also really young, which is in her favor. Would have kept her over michelle myself. But thats just me……

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