Funny, Life

We can be funny too!

So this weekend I discovered Russell Peters. He is apna( well canadian) desi comedian. He was amazing, who knew us desis could be so hilarious and irreverent. The place was packed with other Indians too. My friend and I both commented on how we had never seen so many of them all at once, outside of India. Made me feel all sorts of strange.
We went to the afterparty and man I ‘ve never been to a club with 80% of people who are Indian(outsied india ofcourse). Good/Weird Times

Saw The Upside of Anger Saturday night- pretty good, i’ll give it a solid B. Nice, funny, poignant and entertaining. Not earth shatteringly good. Also had Grilled ahi tuna for dinner. Love ahi tuna

Spent a lot of time shopping this weekend! Spent the money i don’t have on some cute clothes. Hopefully that will inspire me to get skinnier. Ha!

Very motivated for work this morning! Feeling very chic, driven career gal ish. Must be the new skirt!

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