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Tax Season!

So , it was completely impossible to be around J because he was doing his taxes. It is understandable , taxes are a bitch and it makes everyone grumpy.

I avoided grumpiness by paying $150 to someone else to do mine. Hmm….one of the benefits of filing as a single person. I got to decide how to deal with my taxes , if paying someone was worth it or not! If J andI were married and filing together, i doubt we would have gone to H&R Block and we would be stressing over it and being bitchy and snarky to each other.

Its great being independent…..

Besides, I don’t understand the hoopla about refunds anyway. I don’t really think about what the govt owes me all year and in march I just keep hoping I don’t owe any more in taxes. I wish the govt would just do away with refund and set up standardized healthcare for all its citizens. Really , knowing I won’t have to declare bankruptcy for falling sick is a better refund than $600.

1 banana
1 mixed berry granola bar
1 bowl hot and sour soup
Chicken chowmein
Fried Rice
Fortune Cookie
10 m and m’s
1 cup coffee
Handful of Cheesit Twisters
Huge serving of Mexican casserole w/ sour cream

Yup! its true, I’m a fattie.

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