I am afraid of fat. Of fat people, of being obese, of validating fat in any way. I am very acceppting about all sorts of other differences- race, gender, social status, blah blah.

i am terrified, if I praise obesity, i might accept it and then, i might become obese.

Why has our culture automatically linked fat = ugly. When I tell J, ” I feel fat today” he replies, “you are not fat, you are beautiful.” Why is that mutually exclusive? Why do i believe it? Why do I think if we keep telling ourself fat is beautiful or accept your body to women who are above a size 12, we are condoning something evil.

i know its not evil, I am just terrified. Thats why I watch ANTM, and other shows on TV with pretty people and I read the newsstand magazine, to validate my fears.

BTW today I feel fat!

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