Delayed ANTM update….

It was a really good episode this week. Interesting photo shoot and a lot more house footage of the girls. Almost everyone seems really cool in the house. I was a little disappointed that Kahlen seemed so uptight, since she is one of my favorites.I understand she wants to be professional and not as rowdy as brittney but she looked like she wasn’t having any fun in the restaurant. Oh well. Their challenge in this episode was to go to a Cover Girl party and let their “inner beauty” show. I thought most of them did a good job. Tiffany was just weird in the party and kept to herself and Michelle wore this really unflattering dress and kept to herself. Keenyah won the challenge and picked Brittany to share her prize, which was staying at a 5 star hotel and getting a full VIP treatment- breakfast in bed, champagne, spa treatments, hanging out at the beach and getting to show up late for their photo shoot.

The Photo Shoot this episode was for a sexy mechanic at a gas pump. It was a fun concept, and I thought it was a great idea, but I could not see how it was a high fashion shoot. Tyra and judges always go on about how high fashion is so different from everyday pedestrian posing , but the shoot idea was something more in line for a calendar rather than a high fashion photo shoot. I just wish Tyra would make up here mind and stick to it. However despite this little inconsistency the photos all turned out really well and I think the girls enjoyed the shoot because it was a little difference.

Finally the girl that got sent home was Lluvy,because once again she had a bad pic and this was her 3rd time in the bottom two.

1) Brittany: She is still at the top,cuz she took a good pic and was really entertaining during the whole episode. If she wants to stick around, she probably should listen to everyone’s advice and tone it down a little. But I think even if she gets eliminated, I don’t think she will have too much trouble getting work in the modelling world.

2)Naima: She did not get a lot of airtime during this episode, but she seemed relaxed and looked like she was having fun at the restaurant and her pic was quite good. I don’t understand why Tyra thought the pic was too raunchy, I don’t think anyone else thought it was raunchy

3)Keenyah: She goes up the list a little cuz she seems more fun than Kahlen. THe judges were right , her pic could have been better

4) Kahlen: Great Pic! SHe needs to relax a little

5)Tatiana: I really like her picture with the tire, it was very creative and different.

6) Christina: Once again , she is solidly in the middle, she is not bad, but not great. I didnt really like her pic.

7) Becky: Strictly Okay! I think opposite of Tyra. I think her face looked good in the pic, and her body pose was a little too raunchy for “high fashion”

8) Tiffany: I didn’t really like Tiffany’s pic, but she is so weird and funny, she kept pulling down all the girls pants, when they would goof around. It was cute but it seemed like she was in grade school

9) Michelle: I really tried to give her a chance this episode, cuz i felt a little bad about the face eating bacteria thing, but in her picture she looks really frightening. I knew she was in it for the “pity” factor, when Tyra said “something about her tugs at my heartstrings” She is not the next shandi tyra and she does not tug at the viewers heartstrings

Eliminated: Lluvy, I felt a little bad for her, but I think she knew her time was up.

Next weeks preview looks interesting becuse it has Tyra yelling at some girl to “be quiet”, my guess is its either Brittany or Keenyah! I guess we’ll see!

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