Last night I saw Black at Galaxy Cinemas in Cary, and the movie was really touching. Its loosely based on the life of Hellen Keller, but this time it focuses on Michelle Mcnally, a 8 year old girl in Shimla India, who is deaf and blind and her teacher, who helps her communicate with the world. The story shows how she overcomes all sorts of obstacle and finally is able to get her degree. The movie also focuses on the teacher student relationship, and a role reversal that takes place when the teacher gets acute alzheimers and can’t remember words and their meanings and she tries to teach him everything he taught her. It

My friend and I were both crying really hard towards the end of the movie. It really helps put all my troubles in perspective, they all seem very minor compared to someone who lives in total darkness.The lighting and sets and costume were also really good. I loved the big house that Michelle lived in with her parents .

I ate a lot of junkfood last night though, my dinner was movie theater popcorn and candy. And I don’t even like popcorn. Oh well…

I’m being good for lunch today. So it should make up for it!

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