Knick Knack

Last night was great!!! We were still in vacay mode, so we had a really special dinner- Garlic Bread, Shrimp and Krab Greek Salad , with White wine and i made mini strawberry shortcakes. It was really yummy. AAAAAAGGGGG!!!!

This week my resolution is to eat lunch from home 3 days a week. Today I brought lean cuisine and strawberries!!! I’m getting J into this eating lunch from home mode. Maybe with all our savings we can take another trip!!!

We also went to the playground by our house and hung out till midnight, which was a really bad idea,cuz we didn’t make it out of bed till 8:30 and didn’t get out of the house till 9. From tonight, i’m going to be better!

I am supposed to go see a movie tonight, but I’m getting there kinda early so I think I might buy myself a yummy indian dinner!

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