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ANTM Update….

I feel like I should write about Terri Shiavo’s death, since she died this morning. But its seems like everyone is writing about that poor woman and there really isn’t that much left to say. Maybe I’m just desensitized, but I think maybe this is the best for everyone involved.

In my opinion last night was one of the better ANTM episodes. The photo shoot was really interesting and the house-michelle drama was really interesting. Like one of my good friend commented “Flesh eating bacteria on a bisexual model’s face, Reality TV can’t get much better than that.” And she is right, getting a whole bunch of pretty girls to freak out about flesh eating bacteria was awesome!!! I especially liked Lluvy’s little tics, that was really funny! Also I don’t get the Tyra one on one’s , its not like if a girl really tells Tyra her problems, Tyra will feel sorry for her and let her win. If it was me, I would be very guarded and say cliched things like “I’m so happy to be here” and “Oh my gosh, this is so challenging and it is making me a better person.” And after Michelle told Tyra about her skin problems, why didn’t “Saintly Tyra” get her to a dermatologist immediately. I think Tyra Banks is the biggest hindrance to her show. I find her the worst judge on the panel too.

Anyway, here is the list o’ faves. From most to least…

1) Brittany: She definitely rocked her photo and the judges seemed to be mostly impresed with how much she has taken their criticism to heart and improved. I just hope she stops wearing the same outfit to every judging- black tank/tee and denim mini.

2) Naima: Naima is still the coolest girl by far. But thats two below average photos are making the judges notice. Also since the other girls are getting more competitive , she will have to push a little harder to stay out of the bottom two. Unless something drastic happens, I still think she will be around for a while.

3)Kahlen: She once again had a great pic. She seems nice and is giving consistent pics. In her photo she really did look ethereal. Also she is starting to look more put together outside the photo shoots as well.

4) Keenyah: Whats with the K’s? Once again the judges are super impressed with her and her photo was really cool. Also it was pretty smooth how she pulled of wearing the ANTM tank top. Maybe she learned for Jennipher from last season, its never good to flash your butt at the judges.

5) Becky: She did have a good picture and her facial expressions were funny during the bacteria freak out. The judges are also pretty impressed with her.

6) Tatiana: Her pic was only okay! But I think its a fluke and I think she will improve. She seems pretty competitive and some of hte judges still really likes her.

7) Christina: Like Janice Dickinson said ” I am bored” Blah pic

8) Tiffany: It was a decent pic! but nothing special. She wasn’t that dramatic this weekend and her Grandma was so funny over the phone.

9) Lluvy: Lame pic! but i like her personality and she is really funny. Maybe she will improve.

10) Michelle: She needs to go home. I am done writing about her . From now on, every week she is on the episode, I will just write”She needs to go home” Because every one knows why.

Noelle: Eliminated, I would have preferred Michelle over Noelle, but she was not my favorite and the judges were right, she wasn’t very model- like.And I didn’t think her picture was that great. She will probably be happy with her son anyway.

Next week looks like it will be a good episode. Only thing is it shows Brittany partying a lot. Be careful Brittany , i hope you don’t get eliminated because you mooned someone!!!!


1 Starbucks Frappucinno
2 soft steak tacos
1 fiesta potato cup

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