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Catch Up!!

It was nice to take a break from everything for 3 days, even this blog! Its been a good 3 day weekend, nice and relaxing with good doses of activity and drama. I was typing this great entry last night , but the computer ate and I don’t really feel like typing it all out again. Lazy, I know!

New Acquisitions for the weekend-

Crinkly Green Cami
Lime Green Cotton western shirt
Black Cami
Pink Floral Satin Nightie

Couldn’t find pics easily…too lazy to really hunt.

Good News- J, Layla and I are going to Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach next weekend. Super psyched about it!


1 biscuit dipped in gravy
Chips and Salsa
6″ Italian BMT( Subway)
1 bag baked lays
2 cups soda
1 cosmic cantina burrito
Way too much alcohol and other toxic substances


1/2 Chicken Club sandwich
Fries w/ ranch
Sweet tea
1/2 lb beef and potato burrito- Taco bell
1 steak taco supreme


Chinese Buffet
1 Singapore Sling
4 beers

1 rice krispy treat
1 pack gummy lifesavers
1/2 Rockslide Foccacia Sancwich
1 cup potato soup w/ bacon and cheese
1.5 serving of pasta, veggies and chicken
2 red peeps

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