ANTM Update…Another of my Top 5 goes home

My shoulder hurts so bad from kickboxing last night…….AAAAAAAAAAA!!! Also I absolutely can’t think of my instructor as hot anymore!!! Even though he is still ambigiously gay, I think he just crossed over more into the gay territory. No 6’+ man should ever , i mean under no cirmustances, wear short shorts!!!! It was terrible, I couldn’t concentrate on my moves, cuz I wanted to giggle everytime I saw his butt!!!! Ha ha ha

ANTM was pretty good last night. I am really upset that they cut Brandy, cuz I don’t think she was that much bitchier than the other girls and I really liked her bone structure and she took great photographs, even when she looked pissed. The good thing about this episode was that I felt that they showed a good balance of photo shoots and just the interaction between the girls. They had 2 photo shoots, one was while playing tennis and the other was where they had to be signs of the zodiac. The latter was kinda hit or miss with me, cuz some the girls had awesome outfits and hair and some of them had ugly red claws !!!

Anyway here is the list, from most fave to least fave

Naima: She is still at the top for how cool she looks. I was a little surprised at the picture, cuz it was a lame pose

Brittany: Yaaay!!! Brittany is back!!!! I think the judges are also really impressed with her improvement and her picture was very good in capturing the “mood” of sagittarius

Kahlen: Her aries was really good. Also I think she is fairly consistent in taking good pics. Because of her confidence issues, she reminds me a little of Shandi, kinda shy and silly and goofy

Keenyah: Well maybe I was wrong last week and her photos weren’t a fluke!!! I liked her pic this on this shoot and the judges liked it too. I just don’t get her weird hairdos during the confessionals

Tatiana: She got good feedback again from the judges and had a decent pic. Also got more air time, which probably indicates she will be around for a while

Christina: Good Pic! No airtime, so hard to tell as usual. She did get some flak from Beverly Johnson about her lips and how she should get them from the dermatologist’s office, which was pretty funny.

Becky: Didn’t get a lot of air time this episode, since she took up a fair amount last week. Her picture was good but I think the judges are not that impressed with her.

Tiffany: She is starting to get on my nerves, because she constantly talks about her “transformation” sort of like Amanda who would not shut up about her “blindness”. Also the whole getting drunk and throwing up in the restaurant was gross. But she is improving as a model. Seems like Tyra has to fight to keep her from the bottom two though

Lluvy: Lame pic! I dont’ think she is that cute, but pleasant.

Noelle: I think she and Michelle should have been the bottom two. She hasn’t really improved her coctail waitress look and it doesnt’ look like she is trying too hard. And her Leo pic was awful, she looked like a declawed cat , instead of a lion! Maybe I am pissed of , kinda like Jay Manuel, cuz I am a leo too.

Michelle: Why is she still on this show??? Her pic was okay! She looks like a man and walks like a man and even one of the judges said she looks like Jay Leno! Also next week she supposedly gets a bacterial outbreak on her face…which looks so gross!!! If she ends up winning this competition , I am going to stop watching this show!

Brandy: Eliminated. I still don’t think she should have gone. Besides Tyra , its not America’s next sweetheart, its america’s next top model. I don’t think Tyra Banks would have been hired to be a model if she was a super sweet but took awful pictures. I can see how personality would come into play, if all things were equal, but they were not equal. All of Brandy’s pics looked great and she has real model potential because she looks so striking! And Lluvy only had one good pic and she looks more like a cute and fun girl next door , not model.

Hope the next episode is good! I am super annoyed that they haven’t updated the photo gallery at the main site yet.

Its going to new task episode on apprentice and its going to be hard to pick who I’d want to get fired. I guess Stephanie, cuz she is a backbiting snake, but if anyone else got fired, I would be sad:(


1 grande iced mocha
1/8th slice of Banana Nut bread( tastes nasty)

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