Good Old Fashioned Tear Jerkers….why????

I watched Veer-Zaara last night. It was so romantic and so sad that when I went to bed, I lay there and cried for an hour. J thought I had lost my mind. (Will write more on feelings and plot etc later tonight)

My poor little puppy dog is getting spayed today! I am so worried she is going to be her natural hyper self and tear all her stitches post surgery. Also I hope she is not in too much post op pain after surgery and that they giver her some pain killers!!!

Finally feeling a little more motivated about work. ( Getting new clients etc.)

3/4 cup pasta salad ( brunch)
2 chicken strips w/ ranch and buffalo sauce
handfull of fries
2 teaspoons salsa
cup of coffee w/ fatty creamer and 2 splendas

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