Life, shopping

Bare necessities

Yaaaaaaay!!!! All my furniture troubles might be solved for good this weekend. I am going to go pick up a dining table- we actually found a metal/glass table w/ 4 chairs for $100 and also a dresser for $55 . J is not so excited about the dresser, but I am so excited to finally put all my underwear in a drawers instead of little shelves in our closet.

Also we might be able to pick up an entertainmetn center for $14 tonight. That would solve all our immediate furniture needs. Also we might be able to keep Layla in the living room since the entertaiment center will be a deterrent in chewing wires. Hopefully the guy doesn’t change his mind on the price.

I don’t have anything planned for the weekend other than maybe watching the aviator ( i’m being overly optimistic) and meeting a girl for coffee on sunday.

Last night we just hung around the house and enjoyed not being sick. Also we actually managed to tire out the laylz, it was amazing , she was ready to go to bed before us. Overall very pleasant thursday!


1 strawberry yogurt( lite)
1/2 turkey sandwich (with fatty dressing)
1 bowl potato and bacon soup
1 beer
1 slice pizza

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