ANTM update…..

I wish I was a man so I could just ask a male coworker if he was “going to finish that?” Cuz If I ask now they would snicker and think very weirdly of me. Also I think I have crossed my Taco Bell eating threshold! I don’t think i can anymore taco bell atleast for a while!!!

On to ANTM

Overall pretty entertaining episode, the girls learned to walk down stairs and walk with accessories and then they had a walkoff at Kmart with various props and then the winner and friends ( Becky, Naima, Sara, Kahlen ,Lluvy and Noelle) go to meet a famous shoe designer and get to pick out a pair of shoe each while the other girls have to “service them”. Their photo shoot is one for 1800 flowers where the girls pose with 10 dogs, flowers and a male model in the background. At the judging they sashay in a burlap sack, Becky faints and Sarah gets eliminated. Some of the girls also find out that Michelle is bi-sexual.

Naima: She looks like a rock star! She was second in the walk off and the judges liked her pic. But she might get eliminated later on cuz Nigel mentioned she might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But she looked awesome especially in the walk off

Kahlen: I still think she is funny and goofy, although her pic wasn’t that great

Brittany: I still think she has an awesome personality. Was in the bottom two this episode but she might bounce back! She is down on my list cuz she looked really weird during elimination. I thought it was funny that Janice Dickinson was annoyed at all the comparisions between the two.

Brandy: I still have issues with Brandy’s personality but her cheek bones are so cool! She looks like she could be a really awesome model like Iman or Naomi Campbell

Keenyah: I liked her photo a lot, as did the judges. She seems nice and funny but it seems like she did well on a fluke and got lucky so her reign maybe short lived.

Christina: I did not like her pic at all, it looks like the flowers are tail. But she seems nice and didn’t get any negative airtime so I think she will be around for a while

Lluvy: She seems cute. I liked the pic. Hard to tell !

Tatiana: Looks like a model from vogue. Hardly got any airtime. Seems really young and giggly

Tiffany: i still don’t think she will be a good model. But her pic was good and I think she will create more drama, so they will keep her around for a while.

Becky: She is really self confident , slightly bitchy and has a weird disease…yup she will be around for a while. Her photo was okay

Noelle: She could be another pretty girl who works at the gap! I couldn’t find anything that made her stand out.

Michelle: She let out that she was bi- surprise. Really I don’t understand why teh have her on the show. I don’t think the blonde thing really works for her. Her photo was striking, but she is still at the bottom of my list.

Sarah: Eliminated. If it had been her against another girl, I would have rooted for her, but since it was down to her and Brittany, she had to go! Seemed kinda dumb.


1 bowl cheerios
1 chalupa
1 chicken quesadilla
1/2 frozen cheese pizza
two vodka and juice drinks

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