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Lazy Ass!!!!!

Aaaaaah!!!! Rainy Monday mornings, can it get worse??? I am sure it can….but I’d rather not find out about it!

Did absolutely nothing this weekend!!! I mean absolutely nothing! J and I were total hermits and did not socialize with anyone!!! It was a nice break from drunken blurry weekends of the past couple of weeks. It was nice to actually be up while it was still day time and not be at work! Gasp!!!

Friday night J and I just hung around the house drinking and chatting. Infact we chatted it up from 6:00 till 1:00 in the morning. A feat we haven’t accomplished since our early dating days.

Saturday we took layla to the vet and went to Bob Evans for Brunch. Its not quite like IHOP , more like Village Inn. Anway service was sucky but food was decent. After lunch we hung around home depot and petsmart waiting for Dude to call us back till we could head out to Chapel Hill and make some necessary transactions.

Saturday afternoon we went to the gym and blockbuster to pick up some movies and then just hung around the house eating Taco Bell and drinking Vodka. To make drinks to though we went a little nuts on the juice. We now have cranberry, pineapple, vegetable/tomato, and orange. WE are a juice guzzling family.

Sunday, J woke up feeling super sick and was basically a baby all day! He even referred to himself as “being a weiner” and he was dead on. Anyway his being sick meant that we couldn’t go watch the Aviator. So I watched Swades and took Layla out for a walk and I took a quick run and the rest of the day was spent lazing in front of the TV. KD and I played phone tag all weekend so I haven’t talked to her once and I feel bad, so I’m going to definitely tonight!

I did finally go to Gugulpf bakery by our house and that pace is amazing. Their macaroons and cream puff was so so good that I nearly melted! Must go there more!

Homestead Breakfast- sausage, gravy, biscuits, eggs, and home fries
sweet tea
1 vodka cranberry
1 spicy chicken burrito
1 spicy chicken taco
1 twizzler

1 spinach and feta cheese croissant
1 huge slice bread with cheese and herbs ( had a fancy name but I can’t remember it)
1.5 macaroons
1/2 cream puff
3 wendys chicken strips w/ a whole container of ranch

1 McDonalds Sausage Egg McMuffin
1 hash brown
1 frescata turkey pesto sandwich from Wendys
1 Ceasar side salad w/ dressing
1 mint
1 bowl hot and sour soup
lot of chicken chowmein
lot of fried rice
There is a reason I am not losing any weight!!! Grrrr….

No major acquisitions!

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