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Yaaaay! J and I didn’t fight last night, even though it was a thursday and he was being bitchy. I just mostly ignored his bitchiness….Ha! I went to the gym and only did 35 mins of Cardio. God I hope I see some results soon. While on the elliptical machine, I get such great ideas for Blog entries but then in the mornings when I update my blog, I can’t remember those ideas.

So happy its friday, although I have nothing planned out for the weekend, hopefully it will be nce and relaxing! Today is my day off from the gym and I can eat out for lunch….maybe i’ll try jasons deli.

My acquisition quest for this weekend is a pair of glam movie star sunglasses and some cool Thank You note cards

So far I’ve found these spring ones at swoozies and these yummy ones at Fred Flare…the hippest shop around. As far as glam movie star sunglasses, I can’t really shop sunglasses without trying them on. It’s amazing how many designer knock offs are available on the internet, but i don’t want to buy a pair that would make look like a fake instead of…sligtly intriguing..n a mean?


1 peanut butter and Jelly sandwich
Thai Green Curry
2 servings Rice
1 slice bread
Turkey Slices
3.5 Rolling Rocks

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