America’s Next Top Model Update…The Saga begins

Last night went to the weekly kickboxing class with coworker. Good workout but not the greatest since I was about ten minutes late and we only walked around the track after the class instead of our usual running!

Also…the reception is starting to look more promising….yaaaaay!

Anyway to more important things like…ANTM update. Good show overall, but I thought the fake little “scare” before they saw their loft was lame! But, I think basing this season in LA will be really cool; will add more west coast flair to the proceedings.

Model Eliminated: Brita, I am actually a little surprised by this, cuz she looks really hot and “model like” but she weighed in at 158 and was a good 20-25 lbs heavier than the other girls. I thought that was a little sad, considering she did have the most “normal body” as in most girls would relate to her body and body issues better than they would a plus size model or a model who is a size 2 trying to be a size 00. I mean she is what most girls look like…not fat or skinny.

What is really funny about all of this is right before the show they were advertising an open casting call for ANTM where they said girls with all body types should apply , the only requirements were that they should be at least 5’7 and between 18-27 years old. This is total bullshit because they basically eliminated Amanda last season cuz she was “too old” and she was only 25 and Brita was 25 as well and came under the umbrella of “all body types”.

I know this is a shallow show about pretty girls pretending like they have it so hard, and honestly I love this show because it is “low brow” entertainment in the middle of the week and provides me an escape into imagining a glamour filled world. My main issue is everyone who watches this show knows its shallow and its about skinny, young and hot girls, so why pretend its about beauty on the “inside”

It seems to me that Tyra Banks likes to bring a couple of “different” girls like Brita, and Toccara to basically humiliate them on the show and she thinks it makes her look accepting and beautiful on the “inside”. Honestly Tyra, the show is a lot more fun when you don’t try to incorporate the fake moral message about acceptance and trying to set an example …blah blah blah

Other Models: In order of most fave to least fave

Brittany: She is my favorite, she is funny and weird and looks super hot. I think they will keep her around because of her personality and charisma

Kahlen: I liked her, cuz she seemed silly and goofy. She took good pics but the judges thought she looked drab in person. I agree since her hair was a total mess

Naima: She is so exotic looking, one of my faves. I couldn’t tell too much difference before and after the makeover, like Brittany she seems bad ass!

Tatiana: She looks like a traditional model too and the photographer really liked her. She has gotten only positive airtime, so she will probably be around for a while

Sarah: She seemed kinda sporty and tom boyish, I liked her hair cut too.

Noelle: I thought she looked awesome with her new blowout but she went back to her cocktail waitress look, which doesn’t really do a lot for her, but she seems cool overall

Christina: The photographer liked her, and said she took good pics. Not a lot of air time

Keenyah: I think she didn’t mean to be a bitch, but she came off sounding bitchy and people were getting sick of brandy and didn’t want to deal with one more whiner. Don’t think she is too pretty but okay.

Brandy: So bitchy, but once they got rid of the weird hair you could tell she has awesome bone structure. Also she creates drama, so I think she will be around for a while. Reminds me of a whinier Eva

Tiffany: I think she has a cool story and a cool personality but I am not sure she is that good looking or will be a really good model and that’s what they kept talking about on the show too .

Rebecca: She is a self proclaimed bitch, but seems nice enough so far and she is pretty

Lluvy: I don’t think she is too pretty, judges didn’t like her too much either

Michelle: I don’t really understand why she is even on the show. I think they are trying to make a new Shandy but I don’t think its going to happen.

Wow that was a long one…phew…


1 slice multigrain bread
½ cinnamon and banana sweet bread/cake
1 huge cup Campfire Mocha ( w/ marshmallows and cream and whole milk)
1 lite yoghurt
other 1/2 cinammon and bananna sweet bread/cake
1/2 filet catfish(ots o butter)
huge salad w/ mozarrella
garlic bread
2 thin deli slices turkey
handful of chips
1/2 pull and peel cherry twizzler

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