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Doggy Thrills

So I notices a weird behavior of the laylzzz this morning. When I take her out in the morning and she is done strectching and sniffing and doing all the other doggie business and she sees a big truck or car on Anderson, she gets as close to the fence as she can and then when it gets near, she freaks out and runs away…and then she does it again. So my best guess is that its probably an equivalent to a doggie roller coaster or scary movie, cuz her adrenaline goes up and she gets all wiggly and happy and wants more….Silly puppy.

She is such a manipulative dog though but I think we have made her like that, because I always feel guilty if I am mad at her or we don’t give her something so now she is more needy than ever. Its the same with J too, she has him wrapped around her little paws and I swear she is on ugly puppy!


1 bowl cheerios w/ bananas
1 can campbells chunky chicken and veggie soup
1/4 cup fruit cocktail lite
1/3 baguette w/ butter
Spring Salad with no toppings but too much poppy seed dressing
5 slices thin deli turkey
1 twizzler pull and peel ( cherry)

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