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Sweet revenge

Ooooffff….why is it that despite my best intentions I end up getting annoyed with J on thursdays and fridays. It seems like by thursday night my bull shit ignoring tactics have completely broken down and i can’t deal with his irritibality as well. I swear I get really annoyed with him only once a week and then i yell and he says something sarcastic and we have a mini fight…is that normal? To have your partner get on your nerves once a week….I guess it could be worse.

Last night he was just in a bad mood because his phone charger wouldn’t work. To me thats no reason to be upset, you just get a new phone chargers, why waste valueable time being bitchy over something that can be easily fixed. I don’t understand boys. I told him “we need to talk” today and I could tell he was upset…so i’m going to spring a “oh baby i love you so much” ..and be totally sweet during our “talk” and not mention anything bad….i’m evil…its going to mess with his head ….but revenge will be mine ….ha ha ha. But seriously it will also eliminate bickering on a friday night and he will feel extra guilty for being bitchy last night. Ta Da! Mission Accomplished.

Don’t have too many plans for the weekend yet…but hopefully hanging out and just not dealing with work will calm me down. I do love the boy…he just frustrates the hell out of me.

I just looked through ebay and ogled tons of stuff I want, but I’ve decided I won’t buy anything super cute, till I am close to goal weight and can really enjoy it.

Still on the quest for a cute pair of shoes….Any shoe angels out there who can give divine directions to a cute and affordable pair….Kate spade and Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos are out of my league


1 peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Thai fish and noodles ( snooty waitress, but it curbed my appetite)
2 slices pizza
3 breadsticks
2 margaritas
1 beer
lots of tobacco and other smelly stuff

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