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Went to kickboxing yesterday….it was soooo hard and kicked my ass, also ran around the indoor track and walked for a while. I feel really sore now, but optimistic that i might finally lose some weight.

I was really psyched for the new cycle of ANTM and watched it last night. But I don’t think i like the 20 semifinalists to 14 finalists format. Why not just pick 14 in the beginning and let them be the finalists, that way they can get a better photo shoot in the first episode and they can also give more background on the semi finalists. These are my favorites so far

Brittaney – She is really pretty and seems funny and weird
Naima- She looks really exotic and cool
Tiffany- Dramatic Improvement from last season
Brita- Looks like a “model”

Don’t have anything too interesting to talk about today!

Thursday food

1 peanut butter and jelly sandwich
1 philly chicken sandwich
1/3 can Tuna
Chips ( a lot)

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