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KD and Girliegirl’s million dollar ideas…errr…emails

From: Girlie girl
I really think we should pitch this idea to Fox Network….instead of super nannies and America’s Next Top Moldel and Apprentice , we should have show where …
12 inexpereienced women compete and backstab each other for a job as a nanny and they can all stay in a two bedroom apt and provide lots of crying and drama, and schemes of sleeping with the boss…maybe even a lesbian mom spinoff ….oh yeah that’s going to be a great show….
Also what do u think of the subject of periods appearing on blogs, my period has been so whack this month, that I really wanted to write about it on my blog ,but I thought that might be too much info for some middle aged man who might accidentally stumble across the blog…what do u think? I know the world is worried about people who blog their job details…should there be any regulation on ‘”period details”? Sorry…i’m in a weird mood!!!
Weight Watchers is a great idea, everybody I know has had great results from it. I can’t wait for you to update your journal…is it too much pressure to update, now that you know I read it????
I think I’m going to blog this email … As an indicator of my mood for today

This is what i do ….instead of pitching design ideas…i pitch TV shows….oh my poor career

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