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Green Hookah

Sooooo tired.

Last night we went over to the green street house and hung out with those guys. It was mostly fun, other than when their research conversations got too full of jargon and I stopped paying attention. They also got a new roommate who seems pretty cool, almost fits the CS role /niche in this developing clique. I also smoked some Green Apple Tobacco from a hookah last night. Wasn’t a super buzz… i think it was the novelty factor that made it cool! Also it made me think that my great grandpa probably used to drag the hookah while watching baijis perform. What can i say… 1/4 of me is from that kind of stock…should i be proud or dismayed…

Also…question of the day …is cuddling with a friend of the opposite sex cheating? especially if you are in a serious relationship…hmmmm? I used think it wasn’t a big deal and i used to cuddle with a male friend when I first started dating J, but now i would feel very very strongly against it. Maybe I am overly conservative and possesive….i just want my partner to me the most intimate with me. I’ll have to think more about this. At this point if J were to have a super close female friend, who wasn’t my friend too, I would have huge issues with it and I think he would feel the same. Sometimes I think he and I are too uptight .

Food Intake
1 mcdonald sausage biscuit
1 hash brown
1 scoop chocolate eclair icecream w/ cone
1 chicken soft taco
6 tortilla chips
2 tortillas
Paneer Butter Masala ( ready to eat )

I am going to a kickboxing class later today, psyched about that. Also the raleigh gym will probably be renovated by next week and have new equipment….it will be so nice to watch tv while treading up and down the mill

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