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So I didn’t go to work today! Yesss!!!! I really needed this day off, so i don’t feel too bad. I am just going to be by myself and catch up with me today. Its been so long since I have been home mid morning on a weekday! It feels unbelievably decadent.

Speaking of decadent though, Saturday Nights’ sushi was out of this world we ate at Kanki‘s. Yummmm….aghhhh…those are my homer simpson eating good sushi noises. i was fairly good rest of the weekend, i guess.


1 biscuitville ultimate sausage biscuit
1 hashbrown
1 scoop Haagen Daaz Rocky Road

So over all not really bad. Also bought 2 new tee shirts from JC Penney, but the stupid weather won’t allow for any flirty/fun dressing. I also went into Express on saturday, and I just can’t find anything fabulous in there. They raised their prices, but the clothes didn’t get any cuter. My new fave store though is United Colors of Benetton, but i didn’t really get a chance to look on saturday

Sunday, I just worked out, got a hair cut and made some Pad Thai for dinner. It was sooooo good, and I had leftovers for breakfast this morning.

1 blimpie sandwich
Pad Thai
Spring rolls
Hot and Sour Soup

Pad Thai ( lots of it)
1 cup chicken gumbo
1 pita with lots of hummus
1 huge bowl indian bhel
1/2 filet tilapia (not cuz i am cutting portions, but it just didn’t taste right)
more pad thai

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