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Sushi Sushi Sushi

List of stuff today

1 bowl honey bunches of oats w/ peaches
1 cup coffee
1 hot dog w/ cheese and may
1 bag chips
1 subway italian sandwich
some indian snacks
2 cosmopolitans

Since i got the new account, we are going out for sushi tonight. I can’t wait, its been atleast good 6mos since i have had sushi. Looking forward to a little alcohol consumption tonight as well.

KD told me last night that she was Eric on campus, it weirded me out for the split second that she told me and then it didn’t really mean anything anymore. I don’t even really think about him anymore other than passing thoughts about jokes he made etc. God I’m even dealing with ex boyfriends maturely.

During lunch today, I bought this new maybelline mousse makeup to play with. Figure I ‘ll play around with the cheap stuff before investing in a clinique bottle.

ANTM is starting next week…can’t wait for pretty bitchy girls being catty…..yay!!!

Here are some shoe ideas for this weekend, if i do end up going shoe shopping this weekend. Although, I haven’t really seen anything I absolutely love lately.

I do like these new wedges though and Steve Madden always has some good stuff, so maybe I’ll check out Hechts too.

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