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Doggy Love

So we got the dog and the apartment.

Apartment: Move in day is today but I am at work and J is puppy sitting. That means we won’t have all our stuff in the new apt till Sunday. I don’t really mind.

Things bought for camp out in apt:Full size air mattress

Things we need for real life in apartment: List will be coming shortly. I will probably discuss them , mostly with myself in detail.

Puppy: Layla Blue, Australian Cattle dog mixed with who knows what. Total babe ! Total Bitch. She is really sweet, unless its early morning and ready to tear and bite and be obnoxious in general. She loves her monkey and her crate ( we got lucky).

We got Layla through and

If anybody is looking for a dog, I would highly recommend these sites.

Pet toy I am absolutely in love with -The Kong

Relationship: J and I only talk to each other about dogs and apartment. I am a little bothered, but I guess this is what is called an adult relationship. I can’t wait till we have dealt with immediate need and move on to discussing other stuff. Also, all this stress is making us snappy so I really hope we get through this phase soon.

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