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So we’ve signed the lease and have our keys, but I guess we still can’t move in till wed, because they are going to do some touch up work in the apt.

We are also supposed to get a puppy tomorrow. Since J and I super lame, we ‘ve already picked out names for a dog we don’t yet have-

Male- Louie

Female- Layla

We are dog hungry! Ha, that makes us sound barbaric:)

Its J’s b’day tomorrow, so other than the dog, I got him

a beanie from old navy :

and a book titled

Memoirs of a Primate-

Looking forward to some big changes and big parties this weekend, especially since work has been a drag.

Welcom new tribe member!

1 thought on “Rolling”

  1. New dog, I like the sounds of that! I was a puppy once, seems like only yesterday. Now I’m 7 months olds and have my own weblog like you. Time flies when you’re having fun. Good luck with your new puppy! Have fun,Cal the Wonderdog

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