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Ho Hum

So it looks like everything is going fine for the moment. After a little bit of turbulence around the end of the month, it seems like everything has settled in nicely. The job is getting a little better too, since I have 3 clients and have actually managed to generate a small bit of extra money. J is still the main breadwinner.

Will go see my parents in richmond on saturday, could be fun;) Also I am going to an indian thing on friday w/out J. Am expanding my wings.

Mostly though, I ‘ve just been in the mood to go back to spoilt suburbanite princess, especially now that its the holiday season and there all sorts of delicious goodies around.

Must have’s for this week-

Very basic boot w/ a fun trendy twist



I love white/cream sweaters….Have I mentioned that already? Id=780&Product_Id=8308808&CatalogFlag=FloorSet&Section_Title=


Very Cozy!

I bought a pair of cords from gap a couple of weeks ago and they are my new fave pants, that means i definitely need more.

S’all for now

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